Why Does My Dog Run Between My Legs

Why Does My Dog Run Between My Legs?

If you have a dog, you may have experienced the peculiar behavior of your furry friend running between your legs. While it may seem odd or even annoying at times, there are several reasons why dogs exhibit this behavior. Understanding why your dog engages in this behavior can help strengthen your bond and improve your overall relationship. So, why does your dog run between your legs? Let’s find out!

1. Seeking Protection: Dogs may run between your legs as a way to seek protection or feel safe. It’s their instinctual response to potential threats or unfamiliar situations.

2. Attention-Seeking: Dogs are social animals and crave attention from their owners. Running between your legs is a way for them to seek your attention and affection.

3. Marking Territory: Dogs have scent glands in their paws, and running between your legs allows them to leave their scent on you. It’s their way of marking you as part of their territory.

4. Playfulness: Dogs often engage in playful behaviors, and running between your legs can be a part of their playtime routine. It’s their way of inviting you to engage in a game or chase.

5. Anxiety or Fear: If your dog is anxious or scared, running between your legs provides a sense of security. They feel protected by your presence and seek comfort in being close to you.

6. Herding Instinct: Some dog breeds have a strong herding instinct, and running between your legs mimics their natural herding behavior. It’s their way of trying to control your movements or keep you close.

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7. Habitual Behavior: Sometimes, dogs develop habitual behaviors for various reasons. If running between your legs has been reinforced positively in the past, your dog may continue to do so out of habit.


1. Is it normal for my dog to run between my legs?
Yes, it is a common behavior exhibited by dogs for various reasons.

2. How can I discourage my dog from running between my legs?
Redirect their attention to a more appropriate behavior and reward them when they engage in it.

3. What should I do if my dog runs between my legs during walks?
Train your dog to walk calmly beside you and reinforce positive behaviors with treats and praise.

4. Can running between legs be a sign of aggression?
No, it is usually not a sign of aggression. However, if your dog shows other aggressive behaviors, consult a professional trainer or behaviorist.

5. Should I punish my dog for running between my legs?
No, punishment is not recommended. Use positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors instead.

6. Can any breed of dog exhibit this behavior?
Yes, any breed of dog can run between your legs, although some breeds may be more prone to it due to their instincts.

7. How can I make my dog feel more secure without running between my legs?
Provide a safe and comfortable environment, offer plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, and establish a consistent routine to help reduce anxiety or fear.