Why Does My Cat Bite the Blanket While Kneading

Why Does My Cat Bite the Blanket While Kneading?

Cats are known for their unique behaviors, and one of the most adorable and intriguing ones is kneading. Kneading is when a cat repeatedly pushes their paws in and out against a soft surface, such as a blanket, pillow, or even your lap. While it is a natural behavior, some cats may also incorporate biting into their kneading routine. So, why does your cat bite the blanket while kneading?

1. Marking Territory: Cats have scent glands in their paws, and kneading helps them mark their territory by leaving their scent on the blanket. Biting during kneading could further enhance this marking behavior.

2. Contentment: Kneading is often associated with contentment and relaxation. Your cat biting the blanket while kneading could simply be a sign of pure bliss.

3. Nursing Instincts: Kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow during nursing. As adult cats, they might continue to knead and bite as a way to reminisce about their early bonding experiences and the comfort they felt while nursing.

4. Teething: Cats, especially kittens, may bite while kneading when they are teething. The pressure on their gums provides relief from the discomfort.

5. Overstimulation: Sometimes, cats become overly excited during kneading, resulting in biting. This behavior can be a way for them to release excess energy or stimulation.

6. Attention-Seeking: Cats are smart creatures and often learn that certain behaviors elicit a response from their owners. If your cat receives attention or treats when they bite during kneading, they may continue the behavior to get what they want.

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7. Playfulness: For some cats, biting during kneading may be a playful behavior. They might perceive the blanket as a toy and engage in playful biting as they would with their littermates.


1. Is it normal for my cat to bite the blanket while kneading?
Yes, it is a common behavior among cats.

2. How can I redirect my cat’s biting during kneading?
Provide your cat with appropriate toys or a scratching post to redirect their biting behavior.

3. Should I discourage my cat from kneading or biting?
No, kneading and biting are natural behaviors for cats, and it is best to let them express themselves.

4. My cat’s biting during kneading is becoming aggressive. What should I do?
If your cat’s biting becomes aggressive or painful, consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for guidance.

5. Can kneading with biting cause harm to my cat?
In most cases, kneading with biting is harmless. However, if your cat bites too hard or ingests any non-edible material, it may lead to health issues.

6. Will neutering or spaying my cat help reduce biting during kneading?
Neutering or spaying may reduce this behavior in some cats, but it is not a guaranteed solution.

7. Should I stop my cat from kneading on my lap or blanket?
If you find your cat’s kneading uncomfortable, you can gently redirect them to a more suitable surface, such as a nearby pillow or blanket.