Where Do Cats Go in the Rain

Where Do Cats Go in the Rain

Cats are known for their independent and curious nature, but when it comes to rain, they have their own unique ways of seeking shelter. Unlike some animals that may continue to roam in the rain, cats are generally averse to getting wet. So, where do cats go in the rain?

When the skies darken and the rain starts pouring, cats have a few go-to options for seeking shelter. Here are some common places you may find cats during a rainstorm:

1. Under sheltered areas: Cats often take shelter under structures such as porches, carports, or even under parked cars. These areas provide some protection from the rain while allowing the cats to stay close to their preferred territory.

2. In hiding spots: Cats are skilled at finding hiding spots, especially when it’s raining. You may find them tucked away under bushes, in dense foliage, or even in crawl spaces.

3. Indoors: Many cats prefer the comfort and warmth of being inside during a rainstorm. If they have access to a cat flap or open door, they may seek refuge in their owner’s house or a nearby building.

4. Garages and sheds: Cats often find their way into garages or sheds, where they can find dry areas to take cover. These spaces offer protection from the rain and can be ideal hiding spots for them.

5. Open barns or stables: Cats may seek shelter in open barns or stables, especially if they are accustomed to these environments. These places not only provide cover from the rain but also offer a potential source of food and warmth.

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6. Under trees: While not the most effective shelter, cats may take cover under trees with dense foliage. Although they may still get somewhat wet, it provides some protection from the direct rainfall.

7. High ground: Some cats may choose to climb to higher ground, such as rooftops or elevated areas, where they can avoid the rain altogether.


1. Can cats get sick from being in the rain?
No, cats are generally resilient and won’t get sick from being in the rain. However, prolonged exposure to wet conditions can make them uncomfortable and increase the risk of hypothermia.

2. Why do cats dislike rain?
Cats have a natural aversion to getting wet due to their fur’s insulating properties. Wet fur can make them feel cold and uncomfortable.

3. Do all cats avoid rain?
Not all cats are averse to rain, but most prefer to stay dry. Some breeds, like the Maine Coon, have water-resistant fur and may be more tolerant of rain.

4. Should I force my cat indoors during rainstorms?
It’s best to let cats decide where they feel most comfortable during rainstorms. However, if you are concerned about their safety or well-being, you can encourage them to seek shelter indoors.

5. How can I help outdoor cats during rainstorms?
Providing outdoor shelters with dry bedding and a roof can help outdoor cats find a safe place during rainstorms. Additionally, leaving food and water in a protected area can be beneficial.

6. Can cats use umbrellas or raincoats?
Cats generally do not tolerate wearing clothes or accessories, so it’s unlikely they would use umbrellas or raincoats willingly.

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7. How can I dry my cat if it gets wet?
If your cat gets wet, you can use a towel or a pet-specific drying towel to gently dry them. Alternatively, you can let them dry naturally in a warm, indoor space.

In conclusion, cats have various options for seeking shelter during rainstorms. Whether it’s finding cover under structures, hiding in foliage, or seeking refuge indoors, cats have their ways of staying dry and comfortable in wet weather.