How to Stop Possums From Eating Cat Food

How to Stop Possums From Eating Cat Food

Possums are known to be opportunistic feeders, and one of their favorite targets is cat food. If you have a cat and are tired of finding its food mysteriously disappearing overnight, it’s time to take action. Here are some effective ways to stop possums from eating cat food:

1. Bring the food indoors: The simplest solution is to feed your cat indoors. By keeping the food inside, you eliminate the opportunity for possums to access it.

2. Set up a designated feeding area: If you prefer to feed your cat outside, create a designated feeding area. Use a raised platform or table to elevate the cat food, making it more difficult for possums to reach.

3. Install motion-activated lights: Possums are nocturnal creatures, so installing motion-activated lights in your yard can deter them from approaching. The sudden illumination will startle and discourage them.

4. Use a covered feeding station: Invest in a covered feeding station specifically designed to keep possums out. These stations have small openings that only allow cats to access the food.

5. Remove any potential food sources: Possums are attracted to yards with a readily available food supply. Remove fallen fruits, bird feeders, and any other potential food sources to discourage them from visiting altogether.

6. Secure trash cans: Possums are notorious for rummaging through trash cans. Keep your trash cans tightly sealed to prevent them from finding additional food sources in your yard.

7. Utilize natural deterrents: Possums dislike strong smells. Sprinkle cayenne pepper or place ammonia-soaked rags near the feeding area to deter them. However, be cautious with these methods, as they may also affect your cat.

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1. Will possums attack my cat?
Possums are generally non-aggressive and will not attack cats unless provoked. However, it is best to keep your cat away from possums to avoid any potential conflicts.

2. Are possums carriers of diseases?
Possums can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and tuberculosis. Avoid direct contact with them and their droppings.

3. Can I use a regular cat feeder to keep possums out?
Regular cat feeders may not be effective in keeping possums away, as they are skilled climbers. Invest in a covered feeding station designed to keep possums out.

4. How high can possums climb?
Possums are excellent climbers and can scale fences and trees easily. Ensure that any barriers you create are high enough to prevent their access.

5. What other animals are attracted to cat food?
Besides possums, raccoons, skunks, and stray cats are attracted to cat food. The same deterrent methods can be used to keep them away.

6. Can I use poison to eliminate possums?
Using poison to eliminate possums is not recommended, as it can harm other animals and pets. Instead, focus on deterring them from accessing the cat food.

7. Should I report possum sightings to local authorities?
Possums are usually harmless and are considered beneficial for the environment. Reporting sightings is unnecessary unless they become a nuisance or pose a threat.

By implementing these measures, you can prevent possums from raiding your cat’s food and maintain a peaceful coexistence in your yard.