How to Stop My Dog From Dripping Water Everywhere

How to Stop My Dog From Dripping Water Everywhere

If you have a dog that loves water and tends to leave a trail wherever they go, you may be wondering how to stop them from dripping water everywhere. While it may seem like a never-ending battle, there are a few strategies to help minimize the mess. Here are some tips to keep your floors dry and prevent your dog from creating a watery mess in your home.

1. Use a Drip Mat: Place a drip mat or absorbent towel near your dog’s water bowl. This will catch any water that your dog may drip after drinking.

2. Elevate the Bowl: Raise your dog’s water bowl to a height that is comfortable for them to drink from, but not too high that it causes discomfort. This will help reduce the amount of water that spills out while drinking.

3. Try a No-Spill Bowl: Invest in a no-spill dog bowl that features a special design to prevent water from splashing out. This can be particularly helpful for dogs that tend to get overly excited while drinking.

4. Train Your Dog: Teach your dog to shake off excess water outside or on a designated area before entering the house. This will help prevent them from dripping water as they roam around.

5. Use a Drying Towel: Keep a drying towel near the entrance of your home and wipe your dog’s paws and body whenever they come inside after being in water. This will help remove any excess water before it gets spread around.

6. Limit Access to Water: If your dog tends to play or splash excessively in their water bowl, consider limiting their access to water during certain times of the day. This can help reduce the amount of dripping water.

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7. Use a Doggy Water Bottle: When going on walks or outings, carry a doggy water bottle with a built-in bowl. This will allow you to control the amount of water your dog drinks and minimize the chances of water dripping everywhere.


1. Why does my dog drip so much water after drinking?
Some dogs have loose lips or excess skin around their mouth, which can cause them to drip water after drinking.

2. Is it normal for dogs to play in their water bowl?
Yes, some dogs enjoy playing or splashing in their water bowl. However, it can lead to excessive dripping and mess.

3. Can I use a human no-spill cup for my dog?
It is not recommended to use a human no-spill cup for dogs, as they may not be designed to accommodate their specific drinking habits.

4. How can I prevent my dog from shaking off water inside the house?
Training your dog to shake off outside or in a designated area before entering the house can help prevent them from shaking water everywhere.

5. Should I restrict my dog’s access to water?
Restricting access to water should be done cautiously and in consultation with a veterinarian, as it is important for dogs to stay hydrated.

6. Can I use a hairdryer to dry my dog?
While it is possible to use a hairdryer on the lowest setting to dry your dog, it is essential to ensure they are comfortable and not scared of the noise or heat.

7. How often should I clean my dog’s water bowl?
It is recommended to clean your dog’s water bowl daily to prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the water fresh for your pet.

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By implementing these strategies and following the FAQs, you can help minimize the mess caused by your dog dripping water everywhere. Remember, patience and consistency in training are key to overcoming this issue.