How Does a Female Cat Act After Mating

How Does a Female Cat Act After Mating?

After mating, female cats experience a variety of behavioral and physical changes. Understanding these changes can help cat owners better care for their pets during this time. Here are some common behaviors exhibited by female cats after mating:

1. Increased Affection: Female cats may become more affectionate towards their owners, seeking attention and wanting to be near them.

2. Restlessness: Restlessness is a common behavior in female cats after mating. They may pace, meow excessively, or seem more agitated than usual.

3. Decreased Appetite: Some female cats may experience a temporary decrease in appetite after mating. This is normal and typically resolves within a few days.

4. Nesting Behavior: Pregnant female cats often exhibit nesting behaviors, such as seeking out warm and secluded areas to create a comfortable space for giving birth.

5. Swollen Mammary Glands: After mating, a female cat’s mammary glands may become swollen or more prominent. This is an early sign of pregnancy.

6. Increased Vocalization: Female cats may vocalize more frequently after mating, especially if they are in heat or seeking attention from potential mates.

7. Aggression towards Male Cats: After mating, female cats may become aggressive towards male cats, often hissing or swatting at them to assert their dominance.


1. How long does a female cat stay in heat after mating?
Female cats typically stay in heat for about 4-7 days, but this can vary.

2. How soon can you tell if a female cat is pregnant after mating?
It takes approximately 2-3 weeks after mating for a veterinarian to confirm if a cat is pregnant through physical examination or ultrasound.

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3. Do female cats bleed after mating?
No, female cats do not experience bleeding after mating. However, they may have a discharge for a short period.

4. Can a female cat get pregnant by multiple males at once?
Yes, female cats can conceive from multiple males during the same heat cycle, resulting in a litter of kittens with different fathers.

5. How long is a cat’s gestation period?
A cat’s gestation period typically lasts between 63-65 days.

6. Should I provide any special care for my cat after mating?
It is essential to ensure your cat has a safe and comfortable environment, with access to nutritious food, plenty of water, and regular veterinary check-ups during pregnancy.

7. Should I separate my female cat from other pets after mating?
Separating your female cat from other pets, especially male cats, is recommended to prevent any potential aggression or unwanted mating attempts.