How Do I Get My Cat Into Modeling

How Do I Get My Cat Into Modeling?

If you have a stunning feline companion and have often been told that your cat should be a model, why not give it a try? Cat modeling has gained popularity in recent years, with many brands and companies looking for adorable and photogenic kitties to promote their products. If you’re wondering how to get your cat into this industry, here are a few steps to help you out.

1. Start with basic training: Before venturing into modeling, ensure your cat is well-behaved and responds to basic commands like “sit” and “stay.” This will make the photoshoots and potential gigs much smoother.

2. Build an impressive portfolio: Create a collection of high-quality photos showcasing your cat’s best angles, expressions, and unique features. Include a variety of poses and settings to demonstrate versatility.

3. Find a reputable pet talent agency: Look for agencies that specialize in representing animal models. Research their reputation, client list, and success stories. Submit your cat’s portfolio to the agency for consideration.

4. Attend casting calls: Keep an eye out for casting calls specifically for cats. These may be organized by agencies, photographers, or brands. Be prepared to showcase your cat’s skills and personality during these auditions.

5. Network with photographers and pet influencers: Connect with professionals in the industry who frequently work with animal models. Attend pet-related events or reach out via social media to build relationships that can open doors for your cat’s modeling career.

6. Create an online presence: Set up social media accounts dedicated to your cat’s modeling journey. Regularly post high-quality photos and engage with followers. This will attract attention from brands and agencies searching for potential models.

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7. Be patient and persistent: The modeling industry can be competitive, so don’t get disheartened if your cat doesn’t land gigs right away. Keep honing their skills, updating their portfolio, and staying active in the community to increase their chances.


1. What age should my cat be to start modeling?
Most agencies prefer cats that are at least one year old, as they tend to be more trainable and have fully developed features.

2. Do I need professional photography equipment to create a portfolio?
While professional equipment can enhance the quality of your photos, a smartphone with a good camera can also produce impressive results.

3. Can mixed breed cats become models?
Absolutely! Many brands are looking for unique and diverse cats, so mixed breeds have a great chance at modeling.

4. Are there any specific grooming requirements for cat models?
Cats should be well-groomed, with clean fur, trimmed nails, and no visible mats or tangles.

5. Is it necessary for my cat to have prior modeling experience?
While prior experience can be beneficial, it is not always necessary. If your cat has the potential and looks that brands are seeking, they may still get opportunities.

6. Can my cat model alongside other animals?
Yes, many campaigns feature multiple animals, including dogs, rabbits, or birds. Ensure your cat is comfortable around other animals before pursuing such opportunities.

7. How much can my cat earn as a model?
Earnings vary depending on the project, brand, and duration of the campaign. Some cats can earn a few hundred dollars per session, while highly sought-after feline models may make thousands of dollars.

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