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Pet insurance isn’t new, but it’s a new concept to many. It’s been around for years, but it’s only recently people with animals of their own began to look at a policy for their pets seriously. The insurance industry is massive, and it only makes sense it would enter the world of pets. With so many animals being sent to the vet regularly to undergo expensive and often unaffordable procedures, it’s helpful for pet owners to have a way to make their pet’s healthcare more affordable. If you’re not sure how much pet insurance might benefit your family, you should consider these five important factors.


No one but you can determine what’s affordable in terms of pet insurance. Someone who has a sick dog with a disease might not find anything too expensive in comparison to what they’re paying at the vet for medication and treatment each year. Someone who has a healthy dog who goes to the vet each year for his annual exam might feel a policy that costs several hundred dollars per year a bit expensive.

The point is pet insurance is a gamble. You either need it or you don’t. If you don’t have it and you need it, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars in veterinary bills. If you do have it and never use it, you’ve spent money you wouldn’t otherwise spend. You still have financial peace of mind knowing anything could happen to your pet at any time, and you won’t be left making the decision to seek veterinary care for your animal that might cost too much or forgoing that care because of the cost.

The Age of Your Pet

The age of your pet might make a difference when it comes to pet insurance. An older pet who is on his or her way out might not need insurance. There’s little that can be done to make a dog or cat more comfortable if it’s very sick or just old. Younger pets have years to go, and you might see the benefit of paying for insurance in this case.

How Much You Spend

If you have a pet that doesn’t cost you anything at the vet, you might not want pet insurance because it doesn’t seem worthwhile. However, you should take into consideration the cost of one veterinary service you weren’t expecting to the cost of a pet health insurance policy. A policy might cost a few hundred dollars per year, but what happens if your dog runs out into traffic and is hit by a car? Those vet bills can become expensive before the day is over. You might feel the need to pay for this insurance simply because it’s a safer bet.

Your Pet

It should be common sense, but some people wonder if they need pet insurance for all pets. Cats, dogs, horses, and other large animals that live a long time are good candidates for this insurance. If you’re looking to keep your goldfish alive, however, you don’t want pet insurance. Your iguana might be very important to you, but these aren’t animals that necessarily benefit from pet insurance the way other animals benefit from it.


Before you check out any pet insurance review be sure you’re aware of the providers they work with. If your trusted vet of decades isn’t on the list, do you really want to go with that company? If the provider is of little interest to you, this might not be the most important consideration. You do want to ensure there is a provider on your list of acceptable vets close to home, and one who has a great reputation for working with their patients and clients well.

Pet insurance isn’t for everyone, but it’s for many people. Many believe their pet is a part of their family, and the idea of insuring the pet the same way they’d insure their kids is without a doubt important. For others, the idea of paying for something like this for an animal is a little questionable, which is why getting to know what pet policies offer and how they benefit families is imperative.